Monday, July 24, 2017

HEY!!! - CIA! -- Your Merc's Are Losing In Syria!!!

Trump Kills CIA Budget For Syria, And Start Losing Immediately Because Their Strategist Is An Idiot!

My Fellow Americans:

According to the Washington Post:
"Trump had made the decision over a month ago, not during his meeting with Putin. The website reports that Trump made the decision after meeting with his National Security Advisor HR McMaster and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.
The policy in question involves the open arming, training, and support of terrorists inside Syria and was first acknowledged by the Obama Administration in 2013. However, the CIA had been funding, training, and directing jihadists in Syria since the very beginning of the crisis and even before that."
The WP comment is putting it mildly to say the least,... in fact,.. it's lying by the Mass-Propaganda-Machine since the reality is,... ALL "terrorism" is state-craft,... which is to say, funded by various gov'ts, the US Gov't in particular for most of it.

Within a day of Trumps announcement, we started seeing headlines talking about how whole swaths of Syria were being taken back by the Syrian army, and how "terrorists" were being killed, running or surrendering in droves.

The real question here is,... how long will the CIA abandon it's merc's ("moderate terrorists") and allow for all their efforts to be undone?

Another way of asking this is: Is it time for the CIA to assassinate another US president?

When JFK started dismantling the CIA back in the early 60's, coupled with Kennedy's refusal to support Israel, especially with nuclear weapons, and began the process of issuing US dollars with the Silver Certificates (which were out of the Communist/zionist's Federal Reserve Control), the CIA felt forced to eliminate Kennedy by having his brains turned into meat confetti at his own parade in Dallas on 11/22/1963.

Trump is now interferring with CIA global ops on par with JFK's meddling, which is a sure fire way for a hand-puppet president to get eliminated by the CIA or it's henchmen (operatives).

What I question is,... does Trump's dictate carry any weight? After all,.. the CIA is probably the closest thing to a Free-Market Enterprise there is, as it seeks out, and pays only according to "market conditions" regardless of laws or rules that prohibit or require special licenses for it's activities,... such as running the global drug trade.

In this sense, the CIA is largely self-funded, taking "official" budget payments from congress to supplement it's own enormous financial streams related to all it's illegal global activities such as the drug trade, human trafficking, exhortation, information selling, financial markets manipulation, securities fraud, currency manipulation, merc's for hire, regime protection, and just about any method of extracting monies that the mafia was traditionally associated with.

So what effect would Trumps little edict really have on the CIA's command and control in Syria?,...

Answer: In reality,.. very little-to-none.

The CIA's mechanism of Command & Control over it's global terrorist networks really stems from it's ability to pay for it (check), communicate with it (check), co-ordinate it's activities in real time (check), and supply it needed arms, munitions and supplies as required (check),.. so what effect will Trumps little "policy change" have on those aspects?,.... answer: none.

Then why are we seeing, or at least reading about the CIA's Merc's ("moderate terrorists") losing in Syria?

Answer: Because the CIA's chief strategist is an idiot,.. bar none.

Now I do not know who over at the CIA, is exactly tasked with Command & Control of the merc's in Syria,.. but I can see the result of his incompetence, with the continued loss of men, material, and geography when in fact, the CIA has the clear tactical and material advantage.

This reminds me a little of the battle of Pharsalus (Circa: August 9, 48 BC - Greece) between Julius Caesar and Pompey where Pompey is estimated to have had numerical superiority by a factor of about 10 to 1 against Caesar's forces,... and yet,.. lost!

That kind of lose occurs only one way,... tactical incompetence,.. same as is being witnessed in Syria by the CIA's Merc's right now.

Now someone reading this commentary may think I am rooting for the CIA, but I am not,.. I am merely expressing surprise at the level of stupidity their Syrian Forces Director is displaying when he has no restraints of any kind, and the advantage of nearly unlimited resource procurement to achieve their objectives, of which they have done many times in the past in other countries with far greater success, using and losing far less men and materials (Afghanistan is a good example of turning a country into a shit-hole,.. and keeping it that way as it is exploited for it's wealth, which in this case, is the CIA's primary source of opium production)

For readers who may not be up on the subject, and may wish to read a few articles related to this, here are a couple of interesting ones:

Remember people - there is NO SUCH THING as organic terrorism,... it is ALL pure state-craft,... you know,.. theater, designed to lure the unwashed masses into supporting any nation destruction and wealth extraction these agencies and organizations decide to undertake,... Syria, just being the current form of entertainment as they try to balkanize it for their zionist overlords and Israel.

Don't buy any of this garbage theater people,... it's not even remotely convincing.

HEY CIA!!!,.. if you need someone who is actually COMPETENT,... just give me a call,... you have my number! Hahahahahaha.........


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Friday, July 21, 2017

Obama-care Repeal Defeated????

How can congress repeal something that is wholly illegal to begin with?

My Fellow Americans:

Ok,.. so the latest "news" (read - theater...) is all about this massive effort to "repeal and replace" Obama-care with Trump-care.

Question: How can congress repeal something that is wholly illegal and has no legal standing to begin with?

Of course the Mass-Lying-Zionist-Jew-Media presented this latest circus show as a national debate and effort to repeal Obama-care and at the same time replace it with Trump-care, never mentioning there was no such need for a "repeal process" since it was never legal.

What was it they were really trying to do here?,... OHhhhhhhh yeah,....

Repeal Obama's COMMIE-CARE,... and Replace it with Trump's FASCIST-CARE.

Difference: Under Commie-care, the extortion of peoples monies went to the gov't (that's the jist of  communism),... under Fascist-Care, the extortion of peoples monies would go to the corporations (that's the jist of Fascism).

For those that don't recall, or simply didn't know, why is Obama-Care wholly illegal to begin with?

Answer: The US Constitution.


Article I - Section 7:
"All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills."

Ok,.. so what's the catch here?

Simple: "The Affordable Care Act",.. aka - Obama-Care (also called Commie-Care),.. ORIGINATED IN THE SENATE.


You see it doesn't matter if Commie-Care was the best thing that could ever happen to this country,.. or the worst,... the plain, simple fact is,... the legislative process was duly violated.

This so called act (Commie-Care) has no standing because it was NEVER legally created law, period, bar none.

This would be the same as if another one of these treasonous bags of filth, say like James Comey over at the FBI, which is an another one of those illegal agencies of the Executive Branch,... but lets just say for the argument it is legal (it is NOT, but lets just say it is for this example),...  James Comey one day walks into House Of Representatives or the Senate and declares that The Affordable Care Act is now law of the land,...

Would anyone question if that was a violation of legislative procedure to make law?

Answer: Of course not,.. but it is also to obvious, which is why these traitors didn't do it that way, but none the less,... the way it was done (with it "originating" in the Senate),... was just as illegal, unlawful and in direct violation of the required procedure as if James Comey has declared it to be law one day.

If Trump was actually anything else than Kissinger's marionette, all he would have to do is simply take it to the Supreme Court, and have them review the process by which Commie-Care was created, and they would have no choice but to declare that since it originated in the Senate, and NOT in The House Of Representatives, as required, it is in fact null and void and has no power of law, nor can it be enforced as law since it is without legal basis. (... and this would be proper use of the Supreme Court, which is to watch if GOV'T is following the rule,... The Supreme Court is NOT for declaring how The Bill Of Rights applies to people!)

Did anyone see Trump do this???

HAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahaha,..... OMG!,... of course not!!!

Trump is just as much a 2-bit con artist as the rest of them, wholly controlled and directed by the "deep-state" which in this case, is by his handler, Kissinger, who works on behalf of the international communists the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

It is tragic how this once great country is presented with these communist dogs as our "leaders" who can't even begin to put on a remotely believable display of an honest effort in anything they do,.. they are ALL 2-bit stage actors merely carrying out their orders for want of financial gain,... and out of mortal fear of suddenly becoming suicidey or worse,... maybe suffering a sudden heart attack,... or maybe one worse than that,... maybe, the plane with their family on it suddenly experiences,... "technical difficulties",... and there are no survivors.

This is the real nature or our "political system",... reward and coercion for continued obedience and treason committed with unrestrained magnitudes of debauchery, presented as patriotism on the evening news.


We are off the map my fellow Americans.

It leaves me beyond speechless how these parasites and traitors get away with this garbage day-in and day-out without an uprising occurring in every city with each growing insult to the former Republic called, The United States Of America.
At this juncture, I don't think I see this country being  able to save itself from this EFIO - Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,... but I do see people going along with it more and more as long as their favorite tv show is on, the fridge has their GMO treats to stuff their fat faces with, and their car has a tank full of gas,.. they willing to accept any insult or usurpation,.. just the way slaves always do.

The majority of people in this country sicken me,.. not even so much because they are unwilling to fight to save this country,... but because they are not even willing to face the truth about what is going on,.... the cowardice that is rife thru this country can be smelled on a planet in a distant galaxy!!! Which may be what is keeping some alien species of predators from attacking this planet,.... they don't want to risk getting the deep staining oder of COWARDICE on them!!

To you Americans who can face the truth, or at least trying to learn what the truth is,... my highest compliments to you...

To you Americans who are not even willing to face the simple truth that the zionist/jew/communists have complete control of this country,.. go fuck yourselves!,.. your worthless cowardly scum!


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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Confessions Of A CIA Agent - "The Gov't Did 9/11" Addendum

So What Really Struck The Pentagon?

My Fellow Americans:

This is an addendum to my most recent commentary, " Confessions Of A CIA Agent - "The Gov't Did 9/11".

The basic question here is: So,... What Really Struck The Pentagon?

The short answer is: An ALCM AGM 86-D with an AUP-EDE Warhead*.

*Note: Air Launched Cruise Missile - Air Guided Missile with an Advance Unitary Penetrating - Energy Dense Explosive Warhead.

The slightly longer answer:

My military background is in Missile Systems and Aircraft,... specifically, surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles called Stingers.

In the training that comes along with the specifics of deploying and utilizing Stinger Missiles, you also study other SAM (Surface to Air Missile) systems, and study aircraft ad-nauseum to learn their visual recognition so you don't accidentally shoot down one of your own.
One of the little disclosed features of Shoulder Fired Sams is, once it leaves the tube,... there is no way to stop it. There is no abort or self-destruct feature that you can signal should you let one loose, only to realize moments later,.... you just screwed up.

Typically, MANPADS (as shoulder fired systems are sometimes called), do have a "self-destruct" feature, but that is only after the missile has used up its cruise range and is out of propellant and about to crash to the ground. To avoid the enemy finding one intact, they typically have a self-destruct command that get initiated somewhere around 20-30 seconds after launch.

Ok,.. just a thumb nail version of my background as it relates to the subject of missile systems.

Going on....

Next-Up,.. so what really hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

Well,... the big problem with identifying the actual object, is the shear obfuscation and evidence blocking by the criminal cartel mistakenly called a gov't.

Whenever you do a forensics investigation of any event, one of the primary tools of the investigator is evidence gathering.

This evidence is usually in the form of debris, video, photo, eye witness accounts and any thing else that will help reconstruct the event of interest to determine the sequence of events that led to the catastrophic result prompting the investigation.

In the case of 9/11 and the Pentagon hit, most of the evidence was immediately concealed, hidden, classified, removed, refuted, distorted, misrepresented and any other activity of cover-up you can imagine, and some you can't.

This creates the difficulty of reconstructing the event in question with varying degrees of difficulty and yields a result which can not be considered 100% reliable. Fortunately, despite their best efforts, we can none the less still do a fairly good job with just a lingering doubt or two to consider,... which in this case is the exact air assault vehicle used to attack the Pentagon.

From the flight profile, to the nature of the impact and resultant damage, coupled with several operational requirements such as launch, launch detection and so forth, the best estimate of what struck the Pentagon on 9/11 is that it was an ALCM AGM 86-D, or least one of its close variants.

I will not attempt to list all the considerations that go into this disclosure, as this is not the forensics report in and of itself, but rather a general disclosure being made for your consideration.

A little about the ALCM AGM 86-D

Loading an AGM-86 ALCM on a B-52 at Minot Air Force Base

Air Launched Cruise Missle - Air Guided Missile 86, Version D is what that nice complicated military abbreviation stands for.

Technically speaking, the version that hit the Pentagon would be considered the CALCM version, which is the Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile, meaning it's warhead was conventional, or non-nuclear. The AGM 86 was initially designed to carry nuclear warhead payloads (ALCM's) and was later modified with different models to include conventional warhead payloads (CALCM's)

It is a US Air Force inventory item, built by Boeing starting back in the 70's and fully operational by the early 80's.

It has a turbo-fan jet engine for propulsion, can carry a 1,200 pound warhead better than a 1,000 miles (exact range classified), and fully autonomous once launched.

They are about 21 feet long, 12 feet wide, weigh about 1 1/2 tons, are about 2 1/2 feet in diameter, cost about $1 million each, and cruise about 550 mph (which co-incidentally is almost the exact speed of what struck the Pentagon on 9/11).

I had written articles on this before, and had covered it several times when a co-host on a radio show, but since we just had this disclosure by a CIA agent that the US Gov't committed 9/11, at least as far as his involvement went on Bldg 7, I thought it would be interesting to expand on that notion a little and mention what is most likely to have actually been used to hit the Pentagons Budget Analysis office on 9/11, where most of the people that got killed, where one of the ones trying to find the missing $2.3 Trillion that Rumsfeld announced on 9/10/2001.

Notice I say, "most likely" as to what hit the Pentagon.

This is because one of the first things this EFIO always does when it carrys out another Black-Flag Event, is move in and grab the evidence, especially that which shows their hand in the matter, hence why the FBI showed up almost immediately after the Pentagon was hit, and confiscated any and all video tapes from adjacent locations and even threatened witnesses to not talk about what they actually saw.

Under these conditions, where the forensics evidence is suppressed, altered, destroyed, confiscated and the like, this leaves little to reconstruct the event with, however, there is still enough available despite their best efforts to hide the truth, that allows us to determine what occurred even if we cannot say with 100% certainty what specific model of CALCM was used,.. we can say what variant class it is, and use some of the gov't own disclosed "official report" information to support that,.. such as the impact velocity of the object that struck the Pentagon being roughly 530 mph according to the 9/11 Commission Report,.. which is physically impossible for any commercial aircraft to do at sea level, but is exactly what an AGM 86-D would have done.

Perhaps I will write a more detailed report on this aspect of 9/11,.. but my intent with this article, was just to add an addendum to my previous commentary discussing the CIA agent's (Malcolm Howard) supposed death confession about his, and the CIA's involvement in wiring up Bldg 7 for a controlled demolition collapse on 9/11.

This is just to arm people with the knowledge of what hit the Pentagon on 9/11, and that it certainly was NOT a commercial aircraft.

When trying to understand what really happened on 9/11,... I find it is very helpful if people have the facts in their hands.